Knowledge is Wealth

Updated: Mar 29

Miriam -Webster defines Knowledge as the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Knowledge is said to be the most powerful tool in the world and the best avenue to grow yourself, your business / organizations. The truth is anyone that has knowledge can achieve anything. Knowledge can never die because what you have learnt cannot be taken from you.

Knowledge can be applied in so many aspects of our daily lives. Knowledge helps us to distinguish between good or bad. It opens up ways to overcome daily obstacles in life.

It is indeed an important aspect in life and everyone young, old, rich , poor must take it serious. An individual who has gained knowledge would beat

his peers over and over.

We have to train ourselves ,seek knowledge and improve our skills and this will speed up our different journeys to success and wealth.

If your desire in life is to win at everything, you need to work smart, hard and soak up every knowledge that relates to the field that interests you.

Henry David Thoreau quoted "Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations" . This means that knowledge brings paths that leads one to material wealth. It is undisputed that a knowledgeable person can get a problem solved faster than someone who does not.

The popular notion is that money rules the world but that statement is not entirely true. Knowledge teaches you what is needed and what has to be done to make money ,expand businesses and also how to conquer the world.

Knowledge is Power!

Humans who choose to shy away from Knowledge or any form of learning are without vision. Growth is significant to the human race so we must strive individually to learn new things and be updated with happenings around the world . Being Knowledgeable helps you stand out in a crowd. Be intentional about Learning.

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