Five Digital Skills you Need in a Digital Era

Updated: Mar 29

Digital skills involve the knowledge and ability to use digital tools appropriately, access, organize, integrate and assess digital resources/information,

The world has advanced digitally and businesses across the world have diverted to digital processes/operations. As a result, everyone is required to have certain skills that will help them function daily as the world evolves digitally.

Here are five digital skills you need to have to stand out and remain relevant in the digital age.


Social Media users increase daily and understanding how to use a productively important skill that every professional should have. It is way beyond just posting on social media apps and more about building a relationship between your brand and your consumers online.

Businesses have to create marketing strategies that will bring traffic to their brands /services which in turn lead to sales. Social media plays a role in providing great customer service as many consumers/clients have switched to making inquiries online.


SEO and Social media marketing work hand in hand as digital marketing campaigns can be promoted with search engine optimization (SEO). Many users online search for products or services to buy and SEO aids in making your product more visible to online consumers. With SEO and advertisements campaigns, one can create a great web experience for consumers online as they can find products with ease. For small businesses, SEO will create awareness for your brands and can be done on a budget. SEO is instrumental to small businesses because it can be done by anyone. It is advisable that small businesses opt for SEO instead of traditional posters/adverts.


Content Marketing involves creating videos, blogs, and social media posts shared online to stir up online interest in a brand's products/services. Websites and social media pages depend on great content as it explains the products and services. Content must be created in line with keyword searches and must work hand in hand with a marketing strategy. Content Marketing helps to increase traffic on social media accounts (followers growth) and an increased conversion rate. Content Marketing helps you build a cordial relationship with your online consumers which will convert them into loyal clients and build a community of online consumers. Content Marketing involves a lot of creativity and your blogs, videos, and social media posts have to relate to your target audience always.


Data supplies you with a wealth of information that will bring out campaigns that will boost sales and revenue. Analytics go works side by side with SEM and assists the business to understand what online consumers want and how they can become loyal customers. Data analytics has grown to become one of the most important skills as it is used in supply chain and digital marketing. You can learn more here. (


A great email will always boost campaigns . Not only is it one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, its reach cannot be over emphasized because people hardly change their email addresses. Personal interactions/messages while advertising a product/service will always have effects on consumers and email marketing helps you achieve this. Most businesses have ignored it as they believe it is now outdated but is important to note that email marketing will boost your creativity as you continually rethink new forms of emails. Social Media Apps could be stuck or your loyal customers could lose their social media accounts but your email contact list will always be a perfect cover for your brand.

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